200.00 $

  1. A private domain with a guarantee of all the rights of the client’s property
  2. Basic Hosting from Namecheap Co.
  3. Official email accounts with your company’s domain to appear officially in front of your customers
  4. Multi-page website (up to 10 pages) scalable (dynamic website)
  5. A website designed in one language (Arabic or English) professionally for each language
  6. The website contains the media center for news, articles, and the latest events
  7. A direct chat system (WhatsApp or Live Chat) for easy customer communication
  8. Add burial of tags in website pages to make the website appear on search engines
  9. A responsive website with all global browsers and devices
  10. SSL Certificate to secure the site, protect and confirm the legitimacy of your business
  11. Connecting social media accounts to your site in a distinctive and elegant way


** Examples of Dynamic Websites are writing blogs, e-commerce sites, calendar, to-do sites, and other types of sites that needs updating frequently.

** Of course you can choose your favorite hosting company rather than Namecheap. It is just that I got an account with, and see that they have reasonable prices. Learn more…

** SSL Certificates act as third-party verification for a website’s security  Learn More…

** You can see all hosting plans on:



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